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The Top Benefits of a Keto Diet

The Top Benefits of a Keto Diet

As the Kraving Keto co-founders, Rina and Laura, we have found many health benefits since adopting a ketogenic lifestyle. To follow a ketogenic diet you need to restrict the amount of carbohydrates you consume which is generally under 50g per day. Reducing carbohydrates, increasing the amount of healthy fats in your meals whilst maintaining an adequate level of protein forces your body into ketosis!

There’s no one size fits all model for following a ketogenic lifestyle however getting to know your body and the right macronutrients i.e. ratio of carbohydrates, protein & fat, are important to help you maintain this lifestyle. A great way to think about your daily macros are: carbohydrates are a limit, protein is a goal and fats are a lever. So, if you’re feeling a little hungrier than usual on any particular day, you should increase the fat in your meal by adding a high fat food such as avocado, chopped almonds or a squirt of mayonnaise!

Some of the top benefits we found from following a ketogenic lifestyle are below:

  1. More Energy – Say goodbye to snooze on your alarm in the mornings! We find it is SO much easier to wake up and hop out of bed straight away.
  2. Losing Weight – This is one of the top benefits for most people when changing to a keto lifestyle. Our weight has been much more controlled and easier to maintain due to finding keto friendly alternatives, so we never feel like we were depriving ourselves! An example of a great meal idea can be Pizza.  This is a regular Friday “fakeaway” in our household so we will make our pizza bases using PBCO Protein Pizza Base while the rest of the family uses regular bases.  Toppings are easy as keto allows cheeses, passata sauce, olives, bacon and more! 
  3. Less snacking – Eating the right portion size with the right level of carbohydrate/fat/protein ratio for our body type means less snacking in between meals. There are days where we feel peckish in the afternoon so we will snack on Loka Protein Chips Sea Salt or Wholesome Provisions Protein BBQ chips if we feel like something salty. To satisfy a sweet craving Vitawerx Milk Chocolate Coated Almonds or Keto Bites Lemon Cookies hit the spot to curb the hunger.
  4. Fuller for longer – Increasing the amount of healthy fats is a great benefit because all meals will keep you full and satisfied!
  5. No more 3pm slump – We have found that following a ketogenic diet helps us maintain our glucose levels throughout the day which means no disastrous afternoon sugar crashes!
  6. Less sugar cravings – Stocking our pantry with diabetic friendly products is an important beginning to maintaining a healthy keto lifestyle. Our pantry is stocked with essential basics such as Hawthorne Hill Sugar Free Jams, Undivided Food Company Good Sauce Tomato Ketchup, Naturally Sweet 100% Erythritol. For a healthy low carb breakfast apart from eggs and bacon we love Catalina Crunch Keto Friendly Cereal, Wholesome Provisions Protein Cereal Cinnamon and Choka Block cereals. The PBCo protein pancakes are great too with a splash of Lakanto sugar free Maple Syrup!  All of these products and more are essential in helping us maintain a keto lifestyle

There are other health benefits which have been discovered from scientific research when following a ketogenic diet which may help prevent or assist in treatment of conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Bipolar Disorder, Obesity and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. If you wish to learn more about any of these health benefits please refer to the reference article links at the end of this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you know if following a Ketogenic Diet is working? The effects of following a ketogenic diet will vary from person to person and this diet can be whatever you want it to be. The most important thing is to make it work for you and your lifestyle so it is sustainable! For us, weight loss was the first sign this lifestyle was working and as our diet was maintained we felt all the benefits listed above such as increased energy levels, less sugar cravings and a decreased feeling of being bloated.
  2. What happens if you don’t eat enough fat on keto? Eating enough fat is a crucial aspect of the ketogenic diet. Depriving your body of carbohydrates forces your body to use fat as a source of energy. An increase in healthy fats also helps to keep you to stay fuller for longer! Incorporating Essentially Keto Fat Bombs or high protein low carb bars from Locako are an easy way to increase your fat intake every day!
  3. How long should one be on a keto diet? For us, changing our eating habits was more than just a short- term solution by following a keto diet; it was changing and adopting a keto lifestyle for life! We choose to follow this lifestyle every day because it is the most sustainable and enjoyable for us. It’s definitely not for everyone so it’s up to each individual’s personal choice on how long you wish to follow a keto diet.

If you’re interested in starting a keto diet please ensure you consult your doctor to understand if it’s right for you. We are not healthcare professionals nor do we offer medical advice.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog. Feel free to leave a comment below!

Rina & Laura x

References Links and Articles:

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