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Top Skin Benefits from a Ketogenic Diet

Top Skin Benefits from a Ketogenic Diet

If you’ve read our blog ‘Understanding a Ketogenic Diet. What is it and how does it work?’ you’ll know that following a ketogenic lifestyle requires you to consume a reduced amount of carbohydrates, generally under 50g per day. Reducing carbohydrates, increasing the amount of healthy fats in your meals whilst maintaining an adequate level of protein, forces your body into a state of ketosis! In normal circumstances, when you eat carbohydrates, your body digests carbohydrates into glucose to use for fuel.

When following a ketogenic lifestyle, you are restricting your carbohydrate intake so your body is forced to find an alternative source for fuel and it does this via your fat stores. Ketosis is the process your body adapts when it uses your fat stores as a source for energy! This is the reason why many people have successfully lost weight whilst following a ketogenic diet.

Many people have adopted a ketogenic lifestyle because of the positive effects on health combined with weight loss. Although there aren’t any direct studies which link a keto diet with skin benefits, there are anecdotal reports that following a ketogenic lifestyle may also have positive benefits on your skin!

As mentioned above, a keto diet involves reducing your carbohydrate intake which in turn reduces the amount of insulin your body produces. High levels of insulin in the body lead to inflammation which may be appear as redness in your skin. Following a keto diet means reducing your sugar intake hence less inflammation or redness in the skin which in turn may result in your skin appearing healthier.  

Collagen production also decreases as we age however when following a keto diet many of the ‘keto-approved’ foods are high in healthy fats and collagen which in turn can aid collagen production. Some examples of healthy fats are below:

  • Fatty fish such as salmon
  • Healthy oils such as coconut, avocado and olive
  • Leafy greens such as spinach, kale and silver beet
  • Eggs

Consuming products which contain collagen is also another way to incorporate more collagen in your diet.  At Kraving Keto we offer products such as Noosa Cookhouse Collagen Crumbles which are a delicious addition to a healthy keto breakfast or Locako Beauty Collagen Brownie Bite which is loaded with beautifying ingredients from Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and anti-oxidants!

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If you’re interested in starting a keto diet please ensure you consult your doctor to understand if it’s right for you. We are not healthcare professionals, nor do we offer medical advice.

Rina and Laura x

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

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