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Chicken Broth Bombs 4pk


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These Chicken Bombs are 88% Bio Organic Protein. This is the most natural and healthy way to ingest protein and minerals. We like to refer to it here in the kitchen as “Liquid Gold”. The health benefits of bone broth have been spoken about for centuries.

Pack of 4 Bombs = equivalent to 1 Litre

One bomb makes 200 – 250mls of broth.

Get all the healing and gut health benefits of bone broth in a tasty bomb! Save yourself hours of preparation. Simply rip open this tasty packet of goodness and enjoy all the benefits of organic chicken bone broth in a whole new, hassle and mess free way.

Dissolve in a mug of hot water for a calming cup of bone broth or use as a traditional flavour booster filled with nutritional benefits.

This revolutionary convenient broth is the first of its kind, made using a special drying method that preserves all the healing properties and transforms the broth into a great shelf steady product.

Made with 100% organic, free-range chickens.

No additives or preservatives, gluten free, dairy, soy, sugar FREE. Australian owned and made on the Sunshine Coast.

No refrigeration needed, 12 months shelf life if resealed.


Organic Free Range Chicken Bone Broth