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Rich Chocolate Coconut Slice Big Mix 1.2kg

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In need of a quick and easy mid-afternoon or late night sweet treat with ZERO GUILT?This "no-bake" Rich Chocolate Coconut Slice is so simple! 

Now available in our BIG MIX 1.2 KILO bags for bigger slices and more of them!  Each BIG MIX makes 80 serves!  

Just add is 1-2 TBSP of melted butter or coconut oil or nut butter for a VEGAN option 1/4 cup (60g) of dry mix for a portion controlled serve of 4 slices or double , triple or quadruple the mixture to make a big tin of this rich chocolatey coconut slice! Roll into balls, press into silicone moulds of any shape and refrigerate or freeze for approx 5 minutes all depending on how firm you would like them.  This mixture makes the perfect base for mini cheesecakes, chocolate mousse, makes great ice cream sandwiches , truffle and protein balls or even baked to make rich brownies -  So many variations! 

Each serve makes approx 4 small squares or 4-8 med/large sized balls 

Wheat free



No Sugar added

Only 0.5g carb per serve!

Low carb – Keto – Paleo

Check out Get Ya Yum On Instagram page for more GET YA YUM ON ideas, creations and recipes!  Makes approx  4 squares in a square silicon mould tray or 4-8 med to large sized balls

Storage: Store in fridge or wrap and freeze for up to 3 months if it lasts that long!


Almond meal, Desiccated Coconut, Cocoa Powder, Erythritol GMO-free, Psyllium Husk

NB: Nutritional Label based on one 60g serve