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Sugar Free Apricot Jam 250g


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Great tasting, diabetic friendly, sugar free apricot jam from Hawthorne Hill in Tasmania. Sweetened with Naturally Sweet Xylitol and made with no artificial colours or flavours and no added preservatives!

Low Calories

Low Carbs

100% Natural

Sugar Free

Made in Australia

Hawthorne Hill Farm is a small mixed farm in Lebrina, a little town nestled into the foothills of Mount Arthur in the beautiful North East of Tasmania. It's been home to Mary and Jason Henderson, since they moved from the bustling North-West suburbs of Sydney in late 2010. They started their food business after Mary discovered that she could make a delicious fruit paste from the Hawthorne berries that were growing on their hill. She was given so many compliments and told that she should sell her Hawthorne Paste so many times that Hawthorne Hill Farm was born! Since then, she has found new ways to use Hawthorne in her cooking and has expanded her range to include jams and jellies and has created a couple of different cookies that feature her Hawthorne Jam.

Mary's Dad is diabetic and was the inspiration (and guinea pig) for the creation of her sugar free range of products. She uses Naturally Sweet Xylitol to create a sugar free version of nearly all her products. This results in a great tasting product without any aftertaste, which contains only the sugar that is present in the fruit from which it is made. So, if you can eat the fruit, you can eat the jam!


Apricots, Xylitol, Water, Lemon Juice, Fruit Pectin, Calcium