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Lupin Kibble 400g

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Lupin Kibble 400g

This lupin kibble is made from 100% Australian sweet white lupins, it has a beautiful taste and the highest protein of any lupin kibble in Australia today!

This kibble is gluten-free, low GI and GM free; rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium.

For kibble ñ size is everything! Our unique process brings you the perfect size to blend with your rice, cooking in the same pot to provide a high protein, lower carb alternative to every rice dish.

This kibble is ideal for a gluten-free alternative to couscous and tabouli, and provides texture and highlights in breads, biscuits and cakes, all while boosting protein and fibre levels.

Lupin Kibble can be used in sweet or savoury meals, raw or cooked.

Gluten Free

43% Protein

29% Fibre

Low Carb

Low GI

GMO Free

Vegan Friendly

Allergens: Contains Lupins